Streaming packages offer the highest amount of bandwidth available. With no minimum speeds, you are sure to pull as much bandwidth as possible. These packages are designed for the Netflixers, Huluers, and Twitch Streamers of our network. Whether you're in a single-person household or have a family all trying to stream their favorite shows, these packages are made for you.

Professional Streaming - $100/month
Up to 10mbp/s down
Up to 3.0mbp/s up

Premium Streaming - $150/month
Up to 15mbp/s down
Up to 5.0mbp/s up

*Ultimate Streaming - $300/month
Up to 30mbp/s down
Up to 10mbp/s up


Our Surfing packages are designed with simplicity in mind. For the ultimate web-surfing experience without the frustration of loading circles or lags, these packages will ensure you can get to where you need to go online as quickly as possible.

Professional Surfing - $50/month
Up to 4.0mbp/s down, minimum 2.0mbp/s
Up to 500kbp/s upload.

Advanced Surfing - $60/month
Up to 6.0mbp/s down, minimum 4.0mbp/s
Up to 1.0mbp/s upload.

Premium Surfing - $75/month
Up to 8.0mbp/s down, minimum 6.0mbp/s
Up to 2.0mbp/s upload.

Ultimate Surfing - $95/month
Up to 12.0mbp/s down, minimum 8.0mbp/s
Up to 4.0mbp/s upload.

*Ultimate Streaming not available in all areas. Contact us for more information.


Interested in other services we offer?

We are always looking to expand our network. If you are interested in housing DerbyNet equipment, call us at 309-755-2662. Prices and deals are designed on an individual basis.

Want a point-to-point link built for your home or business?

Much like above, all cases are dealt with on an individual basis, but we are always ready to offer our wireless and networking expertise to build a managed wireless network for you. Call us with any inquiries.