What is Derby Neighborhood Wireless Networking?

DerbyNet Neighborhood Wireless Networking (DNWN) brings high speed wireless broadband Internet access to your home or business using economical equipment, professional installation, and excellent performance at competitive prices. We specialize in providing high speed Internet access to rural communities and farms. This service is also excellent for people who have satellite television or people that have switched to cell phones and have discontinued their home phone.

Our Story

We started out as a computer manufacturer in 1985 under the name DerbyTech. Back then it was just one man, a few computer parts, and a trailer to work out of. With a vision of bigger and better things, we rapidly grew into one of the largest computer manufacturers in the Quad Cities. Soon after that we opened a computer repair service center, and began selling, servicing, and maintaining networks.

In 1995 we started selling dial-up Internet and providing email services. In 1999 we started experimenting with wireless Internet. We started out with a few towers in and around the Quad Cities. Our wireless service took off faster than we could have imagined. Due to the large demand for wireless services, DerbyNet was formed and became the main focus of our business.

Like any up and coming ISP we had our struggles early on, but through research, hard work, and a lot of stubbornness, we forged our way through the growing pains. We started out providing services to residential customers and a few small businesses. We gained attention from a few banks and began providing network services for them, both Internet and Intranet.

In 2002 we purchased an ISP centralized in Monmouth, IL. We partnered with the Midwest Bank of Western IL and upgraded the existing MonmouthNet network. In 2005 we constructed the EduNet Network in a partnership with Carl Sandburg College. This network covers 3000 square miles and is used to provide wireless services to the college, K-12 schools, and residents within their district.

In 2009 we purchased an ISP centralized in Elmwood, IL. We upgraded the network and transitioned their customer base over to our network.

The summer of 2016 brought hefty changes to our network, paving the way for the addition of a fiber backbone to our wireless network, allowing us to sell even faster speeds without having to aggregate bandwidth across wireless links. This has allowed DerbyNet greater flexibility in carrying the 21st -century's growing demands for more bandwidth to your home. With our wireless links built by Ubiquiti's AirFiber radios, we have ensured even greater redundancy in the network to make sure our network is running smoothly no matter what. 

Through our own growth and acquisitions of other ISPs, we now have over 90 towers, and are continuing to expand when the opportunity arises!

Our Philosophy: The Frontier Days Are Over. Stop using the internet designed for the frontier and join us today!